Briefly Incentives and Grants:

Incentives to ease into any new endeavour in investments and new development activities anywhere in the world, we facilitate for you. With regard to export incentives of Turkish entities in and around the world, we have the network through our Turkish partner office Gumuskapi to offer the strongest and most advantageous terms possible. All investments in the brand and or export business development through an international new office, showroom, decorations, advertisements, marketing material, employees, vehicle investments, all consulting services acquired included, the new entity and its needs shall be organized by us and your turn key new business will receive 60% and higher grants.

Your needs to will be defined together and the access to desired markets will be provided through us being as intermediaries involved and or as your agents enabling direct contact.

Herewith you will find all the necessary entities and enterprises we are quickly in touch for your needs. You can review and contact and or keep us informed on the developments so we work out the individual business and planning you require.

Contact us for more details on how we can be of service.

Useful links in the Netherlands

MINISTRIES : Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation : Netherlands Ministry of Finance : Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

REGULATORY ORGANIZATIONS : De Nederlandsche Bank : Netherlands Competition Authority (NMA) : Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, Information for Public and Financial Markets (AFM) : Dutch Customs Administration : Tax and Customs Administration :Information Network of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work : Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) : Social Security and Pensions in the Netherlands

TRADE & BUSINESS PROMOTION ORGANIZATIONS : Netherlands Agency for Sustainability, innovation and international Trade and Cooperation (NL Agency) : Netherlands Turkish Chamber of Commerce : Agency for International Business and Cooperation (NL EVD International within NL Agency) : Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) : Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry : World Trade Centre Amsterdam : World Trade Centre Rotterdam : NETUBA (Netherlands-Turkey Business Association) : Federation of Young Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands : Holland Turkish Entrepreneurs’ Association : Dutch Trade Board : IntEnt, International Enterprising (Support Office) : Netherlands Waste Management Partnership : Dutch Senior Experts (PUM) : Turkije-Instituut

BUSINESS DIRECTORIES : Dutch Exporters Database : B-to-B Companies database (trade, industry and services) : FENEDEX- matchmaking facility for Dutch companies : Dutch Yellow Pages and Internet Directory : Dutch exporters database

INFORMATION ON NETHERLANDS : Reports on Sectors and Dutch economy (NL EVD International) : Directory of Dutch sites with links to major Dutch companies : Statistics Netherlands : Information on Laws and Permits in the Netherlands : Central access point to all information concerning government organizations in the Netherlands

RESEARCH AND PATENTS : Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys : The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts : Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) : Netherlands (Applied) Scientific Research institute

TRADE FAIRS and EXHIBITIONS : Dutch fairs and exhibitions in Uthrecht : Dutch fairs and exhibitions in Amsterdam : Trade Fairs at the Ahoy Rottterdam Exhibition Centre

BRANCH ORGANIZATIONS : VNO-NCW – Dutch Employers Organisation : MKB – Employers Organisation for SME’s :FENEX- Dutch Association for Forwarding and Logistics : HISWA- Holland Yachting Industry Association : IRO- Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry : NEDECO- Netherlands Engineering Consultants : Aquanederland- Netherlands Association of Water Treatment Industry : TLN- Dutch Employers’ Association on Transport and Logistics : Bouwend Nederland- Association of Construction and Infrastructure Companies : FME/ CWM- Association of Enterprises in the Mechanical, Metalworking, Plastics, Electronics and Electro technical Industry : Metaalunie – Association of Enterprises in Metal Industry : GMV- Dutch Machinery Group for Food and Packaging : VNCI – Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry : NEFARMA- Branch organization for Dutch Pharmaceutical Companies) : NAV – Dutch Aerosol Association : – FENIT – Federation for ICT Industries : HIDC – Holland International Distribution Council : COGEN – Dutch Association for Combined Heat and Power : VBKO – Dutch Association of Contractors in Dredging, Shore and Bank Protection : VNSI – Netherlands’ Shipbuilding Industry Association : HME – Holland Marine Equipment : Holland Health Technology Association : INDENT – Association of the Dutch Industry for Dental Products : NEVAT – Netherlands Association of Subcontracting Industries : NABU – Netherlands Association of International Contractors : NAT – Netherlands Airport Technology Group : VLM – Association of Suppliers of Environmental Equipments and Techniques : ONRI – Order of Dutch Consulting Engineers : VNP – Netherlands Paper and Board Association : NAG – Netherlands Aerospace Group : Netherlands Solar Energy Association : DGBC – Dutch Green Building Council
www.ivbn : IVBN – Netherlands Association of Institutional Property Investors : ANVR – Netherlands Association of Tour Operators : NVBO – Netherlands Association of Fair Organizers

TURKISH GOVERNMENT CONTACTS IN THE NETHERLANDS : Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in The Hague : Consulate General in Deventer : Consulate General in Rotterdam : Honorary Consulate General in Leiden

OTHER : Dutch Development Finance Agency (FMO) : Dutch Export Credit Insurance Agency (Atradius Medium Term State Business)


Useful links in Turkey

MINISTRIES : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Public Works and Resettlement : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Communication

REGULATORY ORGANIZATIONS : Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade : Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury : Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs : Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Privatisation Administration : Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of State Planning : Export Promotion Centre of Turkey : Central Bank of Turkey : Ministry of Industry and Trade, Small and Medium Industry Development Organization – KOSGEB : Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) : Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency : Export Credit Bank of Turkey : Capital Markets of Turkey

TRADE and BUSINESS PROMOTION ORGANIZATIONS : TOBB – (Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Commerce and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) : TÜSIAD – (Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association) : MUSIAD – Independent Industrialist’s and Businessmen’s Association : TUGIAD – Young Businessmen Association of Turkey : TIM- Exporter’s Assembly of Turkey : TURKTRADE (Foreign Trade Association of Turkey) : IKV – Foundation for Economic Development : Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) : Ankara Chamber of Commerce : Ankara Chamber of Industry : Istanbul Chamber of Commerce : Istanbul Chamber of Industry : Izmir Chamber of Commerce : Aegean Region Chamber of Industry – EBSO : Turkish Chamber of Shipping : Mersin Chamber of Shipping : Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry : Konya Chamber of Industry


INFORMATION on TURKEY : Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK)

RESEARCH and PATENTS : Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) : Turkish Patent Institute (TPE) : The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey : TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre

TRADE FAIRS and EXHIBITIONS : Tuyap Exhibition Center : CNR Expo Center : The Building Information Centre : Istanbul Expo Center

BRANCH ORGANISATIONS : Automotive Manufacturers Association : TAYSAD – Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers : Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association : Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturers Association : Turkish Chemical Industrialists Association : INTES – Turkish Construction and Installation Contractors Employer Syndicate : Turkish Contractors Association : The Building Industry Centre : Construction Material Industrialists Association : Turkish Precast Concrete Association : Chamber of Civil Engineers: Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry Association : Chamber of Electrical Engineers : TESID – Turkish Electronic Industrialists Association : TCV – Turkish Environment Foundation : Chamber of Environmental Engineers : TEMA – The Turkish Foundation for Combatting Soil Erosion, Reforestation and the Preservation of Natural Habitats : The Society for the Protection of Nature : ÇEVKO – Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust : Iron & Steel Producer’s Association : Turkish Iron & Steel Foundry men’s Association : Association of Machine Manufacturers : TUDAV – Turkish Marine Research Foundation : GISBIR – Shipbuilding Industrialists Union : The Chamber of Turkish Naval Architect & Marine Engineers : SADER – Health Care Products Manufacturers and Representatives Association : Chamber of Mining Engineers : Packaging Manufacturers Association : OMUD – Corrugated Board Manufacturers Association : KASAD –Paper, Cardboard Packaging Industrialists Association : Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association : Turkish Plastics Industry Association : ISKID – Heating Cooling Ventilating Manufacturers Association : GESIDER – Security Industry Businessmen Association : ITKIB – Union of Istanbul Textile and Clothing Exporters : TGSD – Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association : EGSD – Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association : KYSD – Turkish Clothing Findings and Trimmings Association : Turkish Textile Industry Employers Union : Home Textile Manufacturers Association : Turkish Knitwear Industrialists Association : Turkish Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrialists Association : UND – International Transporters Association : UTIKAD – International Freight Forwarders Association : Turkish Transporters Association : RODER – Combined Transporters Association