We have a rich history in agriculture, farming and traditions have merged with modern day technologies to harness what nature offers us for life. Our family origins always go back to our villages yet the living standards, farming techniques and working conditions of past farming and keepers had not attracted attention and care until more and better technology became available throughout the Western world. Efficiencies, health standards maintenance, ease of doing things have brought about waves of massive investments, restructuring and building of many new farms where cost of doing has been lowered while the quality of produce has risen.

Live Stock

Within agriculture, our area of concentration remains with livestock and cattle. Farms and keepers have traditionally kept their secrets to themselves. Yet through sharing and cooperation with universities, research institutes and private enterprises to revamp existing tasks into modern day facilities, both the stock of animals and the farmers are happy to follow the new business order in the farm.

The livestock sector provides us with meat, dairy and eggs, as well as wool and leather. The sector generates some €8.6 billion per year in the Netherlands alone. Quality of animals and care and stricter EU legislations ensure the business grows and milk production and other produce increase per head and the quality of produce also improve while doing so.

The investment required to achieve such gains may be considerable; you will consult with us for the right contacts and the best ways to move forward.