Collaboration and joining forces with the right minds, establishing new ventures, we aim to give the services that are required to establish a new collaborative force for the best means to approach a market and maximize the potential..

The SME businesses are our focus, find here the Rotterdam small and medium size businesses network mottos that clearly speak out to us:

  • Rotterdam is one:  The Rotterdam metropolitan region is home to many business organizations and clubs and a lot of entrepreneurs. We want to connect them and strengthen them. We all have the same goal. We are going to form a large network of entrepreneurs.
  • Rotterdam is doing business:  We promote the mutual relations between the entrepreneurs in the region and offer our members purchasing advantage in Rotterdam and national suppliers.
  • Rotterdam rides: Our suppliers, customers and employees should not be stuck in traffic and can good and affordable parking. The Rotterdam region is the most accessible metropolis of the Netherlands.
  • Rotterdam deregulates: We reject the government unnecessary rules and be abolished.
  • Rotterdam Obey: The government works well with entrepreneurs, by (among others) SMEs spend friendly and a great disadvantage compensation.
  • Rotterdam works:  Entrepreneurs need skilled workers and a demand-oriented supply of available staff. Here we go with making the work of education authorities, for example by a special SME Employer.
  • Rotterdam is bustling:  An attractive living environment is an important pillar for economic development. We want a bustling city with a diverse and high quality range of cultural institutions, educational institutions and (specialized) stores.
  • Rotterdam excels:  We need good business premises in a clean and safe environment. Outdated industrial estates and shopping overdue. No megalomaniacal construction projects, improve the good and stop the evil.
  • Rotterdam grows:  The economic region does not stop at municipal boundaries. SME Rotterdam calls for close cooperation between the suburbs and a common policy on economic and social infrastructure. All infrastructural interventions of the municipalities in the metropolitan region must now really be coordinated. The common interest of a thriving economic region must then be leading.
  • Renewing Rotterdam:  Rotterdam is the birthplace of enterprising Netherlands. We advocate a policy to start promising and innovative companies. Entrepreneurship should be applied not only encouraged, but this should also be invested by thorough training. We think it is good that there are more entrepreneurs ‘in the classroom’ come to be. Setting a good example to follow!


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